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I keep forgetting that I have one of these.

I guess the question is, is anyone still out there in LJ land?

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Current Location: US, California, Los Angeles, N Marmion Way, 5747

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Say, Hypothetically, they were to do another X-men Wolverine prequel, based on his time in Japan. What other media/ films, (assuming you know the comic I'm referring to), would best relate or be like, how you would ideally imagine a Wolverine prequel to be.
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Stage show at Redcat last summer

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So I'm stuck out here, in a bit of a limbo as this New Orleans film deals with financial issues.

But, I am helping a different film develop some ideas. The problem is I'm stuck way from my research library at home in LA.

Does anyone on hand know of high end designers who've done late 19th century themed lines? Alexander McQueen's a good one, but my mind's drawing a blank on others.
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I'm researching for a potential project.

Does anyone happen to know what an authentic 18th or 19th Romanian Prince might look like?
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I'm technically credited as a "Consultant" for this film (non-union dodge), though I functioned as a Concept Designer & Illustrator. Once the film is out I can probably show my work.

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Currently in transit to New Orleans. Location scouting for a film.

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This is a shoe string web-series we shot a few months back called Project 420.

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